Industrial Strength Quality

All Kanson | ISSC Sensors are 100% function and burn-in tested prior to shipping.

Dependable Finishes

Choose from impermeable plastic or metallic enclosures for longevitiy and solvent-resistance.

CAD & Training Manuals

We publish full product manuals and downloadable CAD models for all Kanson Capacitive Sensors.

Capacitive Proximity Sensors

Capacitive proximity sensors make use of the variation of the parasitic capacity that develops between the sensor and the object being detected.

When the object is at a pre-determined distance from the sensitive side of the sensor, the sensor's internal circuit begins to oscillate. The oscillation's rise and fall is identified by a threshold detector that drives an amplifier to provide operation for an external load.

Capacitive Sensor Applications

A capacitive sensor can detect metallic and non-metallic objects (wood, plastic, liquid materials, etc.). The operating can be trimmed, making the sensor useful for specific applications.

Capacitive Sensor Enclosure Options

Capacitive sensor enclosures are available in nickel-plated brass & plastic, all plastic, or plastic & PTFE / Stainless Steel (for use in Extreme Temperatures -200 to +250°C).