Industrial Strength Quality

All Kanson | ISSC Sensors are 100% function and burn-in tested prior to shipping.

Dependable Finishes

Choose from impermeable plastic or metallic enclosures for longevitiy and solvent-resistance.

CAD & Training Manuals

We publish full product manuals and downloadable CAD models for all Kanson Resistance Sensors.

Resistance Sensors

ISSC Kanson Electronics Resistance Detectors are completely solid-state industrial control devices designed for rugged industrial control environments. Kanson offers three models of resistance detector:

Resistance Sensitive Switch

- A plug-in device which can be applied in any control scheme where an action is required based on changes in electrical resistance, e.g. RTD, photo cells, tool to work piece contact, etc.

Resistance Detector with Time Delays

- Useful when initial contact may be poor or when the item being detected is at risk of bouncing against the sensing probe.

Resistance Range Detector

- A 'window' type detector used when a fail-safe operation is required. In a typical application, resistance range detectors can detect a probe shorted to ground (low) or a broken wire to the probe (high).

Resistance Sensor Applications

Resistance detector applications include micro-electronics, air/gas/liquid temperature measurement, air conditioning & refrigeration and plastics manufacturing.

Resistance Sensor Enclosure Options

Polycarbonate plastic housing or Powder coated steel enclosure available.

ISSC Kanson 1213 Sensor
Time Range Mount Input
N/A Base Mount AC

Model 1213 Base Mount

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ISSC Kanson 1230 N.O. Triac
Time Range Mount Input
N/A Plug-in AC

Model 1230 Plug-in

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ISSC Kanson 1234 Detector
Time Range Mount Input
N/A Base Mount AC

Model 1234 Base Mount

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