Industrial Strength Quality

Kanson | ISSC Switches have been in service since 1963 and can last for decades in the field.

Dependable Finishes

Choose from impermeable plastic or powder coated enclosures for longevity and ruggedness.

CAD & Training Manuals

We publish full product manuals and downloadable CAD models for all Kanson Magnetic Proximity Switches.

Magnetic Proximity Switches

Kanson ISSC Magnetic Proximity Switches and sensors are used to detect the presence of permanent magnets. Magnetic Proximity Switches feature two ferro-magnetic reeds enclosed in an inert gas. When the proximity switch nears a permanent magnet, the reeds are magnetically brought together to create a measurable electrical contact.
This operating principle provides Magnetic Proximity Switches with the ability to detect magnets from any angle, i.e. perpendicular, parallel, rotational travel or nose-to-nose.

Magnetic Proximity Sensor Applications

Magnetic Proximity Sensors are ideal for speed and movement detection of industrial equipment or any application requiring precise measurement of rotating and/or actuating machinery.

Enclosure Options

Kanson ISSC Magnetic Proximity Sensors are fully enclosed in impermeable cylindrical or rectangular plastic housing to ensure resistance against corrosion and oxidation. Reed sensors are encased in heavy-duty glass bulbs to protect against dust.

Magnetic Sensors
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